What is the definition of IP (Ingress Protection) ratings?
  • ANYSOAR has incorporated dust proofing and water proofing into majority of its LED power supply design. Mainly based on the international standard IEC60529, detailed descriptions can be found in the following table:
    (Note: PSUs with IP64 rating or above are suitable for indoor or outdoor applications in sheltered locations)
    FAQ-IP.png *IP64-IP66 level and IP67 with potentiometer products are suitable for damp indoor or sheltered outdoor environment. For actual installation limitations, please refer to the corresponding IP level tests.
    *All products cannot be continuously submerged in water.

In ANYSOAR's catalog, we see AC and DC at input, what is it all about?
Why did the power supply shut down during operation and after turning it off, I can restart it again?
  • In general there are two circumstances that will cause the power supply to shut down. 

    The first one is the activation of the over-load-protection (OLP). To deal with this situation, we suggest increasing the rating of the output power or modifying the OLP point. 

    The second one is the activation of over-temperature protection (OTP) when the internal temperature reaches the pre-set value. 

    All of these conditions will let the S.P.S. enter protection mode and shut down. After these conditions are removed, the S.P.S. will be back to normal.